Following the stock markets every day often brings more bad than good!

Making money on the stock market is a question of trust. Actually it’s quite simple: to be able to buy when the market rates are low enough, and later when they are high enough to sell. 

In the year 2000 I reported that the markets would be halved by more than 50%, and that came to be in 2003. That was the perfect opportunity to buy back. The enormous recovery came, for which higher amounts were indicated, and these came to be as well! Afterwards I expected another halving of the markets and in 2009 it came out exactly at the predicted amounts. Then the markets minimally doubled again. This was reported concretely through the figures for the S&P 500 and the European stock markets.

Now it is March 2014

The markets are high. What can we expect from this point on?  
What I do is to create optimum rest with a clear and neutral vision: selling high and later buying back low!

Every since the year 2000, everything has avoided enormous amounts of loss in the long run by trusting in my visions with their clear moments to either get in or get out. As opposed to enormous amounts of profit.

Many investors want to stay active. They read a lot, which leads to the usual result of loss or sometimes even worse.  Successful investment is a question of patience and trust. Since the year 2000, 10,000 Euro would have grown through stock shares during the 4 big market changes to become €80,000, and through long-term options even more to a minimum of €800,000.00.

This website is not suited for gamblers or stock market addicts.