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The big crash to the Dutch AEX 228 points

On September 19, 2000 when the AEX was at 676,42 a continuously negative trend was explicitly announced to a level of 228 points. We had to wait a while; such a decrease does not happen in one year, but on March 10, 2003 this was reached with a closing price of exactly 228,26 points.

Seeing as this was the bottom limit which had been predicted, the expectations after this were logically upwards.

The bandwidth was between 523-542 points in 2007. After this outcome was announced, a new low of 197 points was reached in March 2009 with afterwards the predicted recovery: AEX 320 points for that same year (2009) and AEX 358 to 364 points in 2010.

Intuitive knowlege can be yor pot of gold!

Anyone can learn to feel things like these and own them! It’s just like learning to play the piano; By practicing, some become famous pianists.

We constantly receive information in a subtle way; it might only be a vague sound that is audible in a quiet place. For example walking in a beautiful forest at dusk, between tall trees on a path that opens onto an open field. Where it's quiet and beautiful. You smell the special air. You relax while you watch the big orange sun, now almost turning red, slowly set behind the tops of the trees. In the distance you hear a bird singing subtly in the background.
This bird is not perceptible in a busy city. The only things we can immediately perceive: ringing trams, people rushing around, and sirens.

Visionary insights are possible by shutting yourself off from unrest. By taking an inner journey to your own treasure of knowledge. Special and intended only for you.

Concentrate on your breathing for five minutes. Thoughts may arise in your head, but that's not a bad thing. Let them loose again and concentrate again only on your breathing. After some time you will be able to let everything go, allowing your inner responses flow.

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